ZCash (ZEC) Announces Partnership with StarkWare Industries


Project ZCash (ZEC) continues to fight for fame. The latest news concerns the partnership with the applied cryptographic company StarkWare Industries.

The company was founded by former developers ZCash and scientists Professor Eli Ben-Sasson and Professor Alessandro Chiesa. Now older developers are returning as consultants and partners to the ZCash project, trying to deploy STARK technology for anonymization.

System Zero-knowledge (ZK) are already used in ZCash as ZK-SNARK, and StarkWare company plans to introduce an alternative job.

ZCash price continues to fall

ZEC has always been not a popular coin and somehow missed a more dramatic assessment. The digital asset received both praise and criticism, the last of the Monero community.

Due to the low supply ZEC has always commanded a relatively high price, but now the asset continues to fall below $ 300. Last week ZEC fell more than 16% to $ 253.

ZCash ZEC chart may 4 2018 to may 11 2018

It is not known whether the event of consensus of 2018 will lead to a change in tides at a price. This event was recently boycotted by Vitalik Buterin for being associated with the potential impact of users on the scam.

The biggest drawback for the ZEC asset is inactive trading. Due to the high price, few investors want to invest in coins, since there are cheaper cryptocurrencies on the market. In addition, the coin marketing focuses on large investors and ZEC still hovered within the range, and has not reached the rapid growth, which would lead to panic-buy.

Recently, a group of British scientists tested the ZCash system and found that users compromised their privacy by using addresses. Using a combination of transparent and shielded addresses simplifies the tracking of ZEC transactions or at least the identification of usage patterns.

In addition, the ZCash team faces research and solution on ASIC Antminer Z9. Part of the community supports an ASIC-disabling fork and threatens to leave the project if the large-scale ASIC continues.