Will Ripple (XRP) Rise in June and When It Will Be $10?

Ripple (XRP) will rise price $10 - CoinShot

The cryptocurrency market has been showing pressure for sale for almost a month now. Investors can choose from more than 1600 digital assets listed on the CoinMarketCap for short-term or long-term purchases. The convenience of using coins has become one of the main reasons why people decide to buy and store digital assets. Another aspect that is gaining momentum is the price of the asset. While Bitcoin fell to trade above $8000 to slightly above $7500, it’s still very high compared with Ripple (XRP) price. Today, the prices of most cryptocurrencies, including XRP, are in red. This market is attractive for both a short-term investor and a long-term holder. A long-term investor wants to win more, so he can invest more in the asset in order to collect a large profit in the future.

Ripple – leader of the money transfer sector

XRP managed to keep its legitimate 3rd place in the crypto market due to its innovative solutions when it comes to cross-border payments and money transfers. At the moment, Ripple is the leader in the money transfer sector, and all this is achieved through the use of the Ripple public ledger. Bank Santander is one of the most influential partnerships that Ripple has done. It uses xCurrent and xRapid solutions from Ripple to accelerate cross-border payments. Other important partnerships include UniCredit, UBS, Western Union and other banking institutions around the world.

Ripple recently entered another strategic partnership with South Korean Bithumb. In addition, Japan is preparing for at least six new crypto-exchange companies, which will offer the sale of Ripple (XRP) along with other coins.

Will XRP’s price rise in June?

XRP is exchanged for $0.64 at the time of writing, which is a good prerequisite for the entrance of new investors and price rise in June. While the crypto market is shocking the bear’s pressure, the above token has a great potential, which in a compartment with a small price makes it a delicious pie. It’s hard to say whether Ripple reaches the apex of $10.0 this year, but the fact that it will cost more than now is for sure. XRP is constantly improving its technologies and expanding its partnerships, which can lead to an unavoidable rise in price to $1.0 in the coming months and maybe even this will begin in June. While we are waiting for new news shots from the Ripple team, the price of $10.0 is not yet on the horizon, but to repeat last year’s growth of $3.6 is quite real by the end of this year.