TRON, EOS, Litecoin – Top 3 Cryptocurrencies for Investing in 2018

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At the time of writing this news the cryptocurrency market is in red, which makes investors experience mixed feelings about digital assets. For those who have bought highly in different coins, they wait in anticipation of the trend to reverse and realize a promising gain, but it can be a viable time for investment. Nevertheless, it is important to invest in cryptocurrency, which can significantly rise.


Recently, TRON has attracted the attention of many crypto investors. Cryptocurrency earned from $0.03 to highs of $0.09 at the beginning of the month, although this is still far from the record high. The price of TRX was supported by the events that the team laid out for the release in 2018. The prime event is the launch of TRON Blockchain, which allows you to transfer tokens from Ethereum blockchain.

TRON Blockchain gives developers the ability to create and hold smart contracts, create apps and store data. The network is very scalable and guarantees support for an increasing number of users. In the next few years it’s predicted that TRON will be for more than $1. This is due to the fact that the technology is wonderful, and the team is dedicated to the care of continuous development.

Currently, the price of TRON is correcting lower and trading at a level of 0.07 US dollars, it may in the near future rise above $0.1. Blockchain is scheduled for June, and the new redesigned Website is already running. Countdown to TRON MainNet is 14 days, and the price may increase as the date approaches. TRX currently ranks 10th in the market, but Justin Sun, Founder and CEO TRON Foundation, believes that it will be the fifth crypto in the near future.


EOS has already started its own journey since April. It originally started with eosDAC Airdrop, which caused a spike in EOS prices from trading of about $5.5 before the breakthrough for the entire time of high trading in January 2018. Cryptocurrency became the first among many other coins to break it all the time and trade at $22.5, before starting decline.

At the moment, the price of EOS is trading at $12.45, which is a fall of 6.15%. Although it may seem that the asset is losing its passion, personally I believe that EOS is preparing for another bull run and the best time to buy now, while the price is low.

EOS also launches its own MainNet on June 2, 2018. Running is very useful for the success of EOS, which is still an Ethereum token. ICO has been working for more than a year and will come to a conclusion on the day of launch. Now EOS is the fifth cryptocurrency due to market capitalization after Litecoin (LTC), but everything can quickly change in the near future.

Litecoin (LTC)

Today, the bear market and Litecoin are no exception to the rules. Recently, Litecoin was added to the Gemini digital asset exchange, which was launched by Winklevoss twins after they acquired the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) license. Despite this price, Litecoin didn’t give the desired growth and even declined, despite the support.

Over the past 24 hours, the price of Litecoin has fallen by 1.42% and is trading at $138.7. Its market capitalization is about $7.8 billion, which is why the 6th cryptocurrency is due to market capitalization, giving way to the recently grown EOS.

Many investors believe that Litecoin (LTC) has gone far on investment, however, a closer look at his journey shows us sustainable development. The Litecoin Foundation is moving forward and insisting on the acceptance of LTC in global payment systems. Litecoin could bring it to its maximum until the end of the year. In addition, Abra’s trading platform with zero rates, announced that it will be integration support for Litecoin. On Abra, Litecoin will achieve free transfers. I believe that Litecoin is a coin that investors should consider when investing in the current market downturn.