Samsung Joined the List of Partnership Companies with ICON [ICX]

Samsung brand on glass doors

In the Crypto community, the view is growing that the next stage of growth in Crypto will be determined by the implementation of Blockchain in the real world. Unfortunately, there are so many projects that are inflated, but they don’t have meaningful uses. If you want to invest in a Blockchain project that doesn’t just sell you fantastic publications, but is actually useful, you need to consider investing in ICON (ICX).

ICON (ICX) is a cryptoproject designed to connect blockchains around the world. ICON creates a hyper decentralized system, which will be the largest in the world. Within the ICX ecosystem, companies can create independent blockchains that can communicate with other blockchains circuits using ICON communication. This concept is so effective and scalable that it has been adopted by various industries in South Korea. It is used by the government, the private security sector, the insurance industry among many others.

The biggest news so far is the adoption of the ICON Blockchain by Samsung. Samsung, one of the largest corporations in the world, will use the ICON Chain ID for its authenticator Samsung pass.
“Samsung pass” is a technology that Samsung intends to use for authentication over a biometric security system. According to this transaction, Samsung will introduce this technology on all its smartphones, which is quite expensive for ICON (ICX). To add to the intensity of this news, he came just a day after the deal between the ICON team and aSSIST (Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies), one of the most respected business school in South Korea.

With news of this scale, it’s quite natural to wonder why ICON isn’t mooning, as is usually the case with the release of big crypto news. Well, the main reason why ICON isn’t mooning right now is the events that characterized the Crypto market today. Today, the market reported that UPbit is investigated for fraud of its investors. This significantly reduced the market, as investors rushed to a safe place. Given that ICON (ICX) is mainly traded in South Korea, there can not be the moon on the day Crypto volumes are worn, especially when the base country is the epicenter of all this.

However, ICON will definitely go to the moon in the near future. Once the markets are settled, ICX will certainly be one of the Cryptos that will lead to the next Bull Run. The fact that it can potentially become the largest decentralized network in the world and already has some partnerships in key sectors of the Korean economy will help to increase its value. With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand why some analysts believe that ICON (ICX) will close the year at $100.