McAfee About Crypto: the Looming War on the Horizon

John McAfee about the crypto war

Yesterday John McAfee, a technology activist and Internet security expert, published in his Twitter that the looming war on the horizon and about the war that was continuing. In the video, McAfee talks about powerful forces trying to disrupt the course of the cryptocurrency revolution. He began his video statement about the reality of the ongoing struggle:

“Whether you know it as a war or not, it is, in fact, a war (against cryptocurrency).”

He called that the government, banks, credit card companies and SEC have already declared war on crypto to suppress steady progress, along with crypto renaissance.

McAfee’s fears are not unreasonable, as many banks and credit card companies have recently begun to withdraw support for cryptocurrency payments.

He calls on all crypto assistants to take action, saying:

“What can we do? Take action. Write your Congressman; it sounds silly [but] while they are still in power, make them work. Go into your bank and demand that they allow crypto transactions. If they say no, ask them to recommend a bank that will. Demand the credit card companies to allow crypto payments.”

McAfe believes that progress will begin only when crypto enthusiasts take matters into their own hands and become more active. He urged them to write to the SEC, urging the Commission not to classify cryptothermins as securities, adding:

“We are not a security; we are coins, we are currency. They are frightened of us.”

McAfee Team Project: Currency Independence

The McAfee team recently created and published a Declaration of Currency Independence. The document is a guarantee of solidarity with the basic idea of cryptocurrency movement.

The text has some similarities with the Declaration of Independence of the United States of 1776. Both documents even begin with the famous phrase “when in the course of human events..”.

One of the main ideas of the document is “Value” and how the current monetary system “fundamentally manipulates” the maintenance of the integrity of the value. According to the published declaration, the cryptocurrency is the only way to restore the concept of value, what it should be.

“Where value was once proven by the strength of the State “at the end of a barrel”, humans have developed, demonstrated, and proliferated a technology capable of proving value through the expenditure of electricity via the irrevocable proof of math. Such a concept has never been accomplished prior to the initiation of the Bitcoin blockchain.”

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are spreading freedom around the world, and for the most part, reasonable governments support this expansion.
While almost all governments have reacted with some fear and taken some measures to slow growth, intelligent people such as McAfee recognize that in the modern world a networked peer-to-peer network based on the Internet is an uncontrolled force and changes begin with us.