John McAfee Calls for a Boycott of HitBTC Exchange

John McAfee calls for a boycott of HitBTC - CoinShot

John McAfee, a well-known fighter for crypto recognition around the world, decided to criticize the sixth-largest volume exchange of HitBTC.

As he wrote in his Twitter:

“Crypto-exchanges became what we initially fought against. Their strength is enormous. Hitbtc, for example, made suffering for his clients. Millions of people can’t afford a minimum buy-in on this exchange, because it exceeds their monthly income. Boycott them.”

The call for a boycott of exchange with serious accusations isn’t something new for a businessman, for example, earlier he made a statement about “the looming war on the horizon“, but we noticed some kind of peculiar behavior. A little before, McAfee retweeted the post from the “McAfeeExecutive” account, owned by Jimmy Watson, the executive adviser to the McAfee Crypto Team.

In this tweet, Watson called HitBTC a scam, but added that their corporate team caused and rectified their problem.

Perhaps this is the main reason why John McAfee has so focused HitBTC lately? It seems that a member of the team had a problem with withdrawing funds from the exchange, which caused an alarm that roused resentment.

It seems that the delays in withdrawing – a common problem with the exchange, according to the complaints found in Reddit. Of course, you shouldn’t judge the company for complaints that it receives, but in this case the list is rather long. There are users who complain that their funds have been withheld since December.

This is nothing new for the exchange, since similar complaints have appeared since 2015. This was probably one of the reasons that prompted HitBTC to stop operations in Japan, a country that has significantly increased its exchange rates since the break-in of Coincheck.

However, the McAfee tweets appear to have had a minor impact on the exchange, as HitBTC still takes the leading position among the world’s crypto exchange.