Huawei Allows Users to Install Bitcoin Wallet on New Phones

two Huawei Honor 7A smartphones

Bitcoin intends to continue the path to introduction into the mainstream, to a large extent, to the giant of mobile phones Huawei Technologies Co. The world’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer will begin to provide its users with the ability to download Bitcoin wallets to their devices, on Friday.

The announcement came from vice president for business operations Alejandro de la Torre, as the purse of is planned to become the first cryptocurrency application, offered by AppGallery from Huawei. Explained de la Torre in a phone interview with Bloomberg:

This is a good opportunity to take advantage of the Chinese market. The use of non-cash payments with applications is very high, and the traditional banking system is not enough, so there is a good precedent for paying crypto to grow there.

According to Bloomberg, the wallet will not only be preinstalled on all new Huawei and Honor phones, but will also be released on older devices in the coming months – this means that virtually all users of the third most popular mobile phone will become Bitcoin wallets owners.

This step from Huawei most significantly affects the Chinese market, which will accurately show a large number of people that the cryptocurrency is friendly.

The blocking of mining in China willn’t stop progress

Despite interest from Chinese citizens, the government of the country took a tough approach to buying and selling Bitcoin, directly banning the stock exchange at the beginning of this year. However, Chinese citizens are not prohibited from owning Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

As Bloomberg notes, the Chinese government also blocks the Google Play Android store and many iTunes partitions from Apple, which effectively limits access to applications, such as the Cryptocurrency purse. Due to the fact that Huawei offers a wallet to almost all its users, the lack of exposure will no longer be a problem and will not stop crypto progress.

Of course, it should also be noted that belongs to the mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain Technologies and controls the world’s largest mine basin for the dominant cryptocurrency.