Ethereum Classic Will Go To the Moon Thanks to Coinbase

Ethereum Classic ready to launch on the Moon - CoinShot

Becoming one of the promising coins to increase profits, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is preparing to launch on the Moon, thanks to the nearest listing on Coinbase (the exact date isn’t established). Coinbase can give excellent results for increasing the growth of ETC, comparable to the results of Litecoin (LTC).

Ethereum Classic is among the most popular for investment funds Grayscale. ETC invested more than $72 million.

Ethereum Classic is one of the largest investments for Grayscale, after Bitcoin. High liquidity and relatively low volatility of the asset make it attractive, as well as the expectation that it’s still undervalued.

At the moment, ETC sees support from the inflow of Tether (USDT) funds, as more than 36% of the volume depends on the liquidity provided by the dollar-pegged asset. Another 30% of the share of trade is in Korean won.

Ethereum Classic attracts scammers. The latest attempt of Ether Emerald is to syphon away funds in the disguise of an airdrop. The name of the dubious project recalls the Emerald Project, a legitimate development related to Ethereum Classic.

Others note that the project isn’t a proven scam, but it only creates confusion and has nothing to do with the development of the Ethereum Classic Emerald wallet.

Despite attempts by scammers to tarnish the reputation of the cryptocurrency, the ETC will still get a good boost to be sent to the Moon, due to resistance to volatility, undervaluation of coin and listing on Coinbase.