EOS – Will We See Multiple Chains When Starting the D-Day Network?

Visual representation of circuits in programming

The launch of the EOS network is one of the most anticipated events in the crypto space at the moment. In fact, this is the main reason why EOS has earned so much over the past few weeks, reaching a maximum of $20. However, there are fears that several launches may be launched, creating confusion. Such a scenario would mean that EOS will start with a hard fork. So are these fears dangerous, and is there any reason for concern?

Although a multi-chain scenario is possible, there is a good chance that this is unlikely to happen. One of the reasons that the launch of multiple chains is unlikely is that there is no incentive for such a scenario. This is because no block manufacturer wants to waste its time and money, trying to run the chain without the right alliance. It would be a desire to doom yourself to failure from the very beginning. Therefore, the fact that no reasonable person wants to speculate with his time and resources on a quest that has a high probability of failure will act as an incentive to launch the main network, rather than multiple chains.

In addition, there is the fact that the confusion arising from the multipurpose launch can postpone exchanges that want to enumerate the EOS tokens. Such a scenario would be a disaster for the value of EOS. None of the EOS project participants wants this scenario. It will be a loser scenario for everyone. Thus, there is a strong incentive for everyone to rally in the direction of the main network, rather than multiple chains. Thus, the main network can be successful and attract more exchanges to list the EOS, and, therefore, increase its value in the long term. Failure to do this would be tantamount to self-sabotage, and with the complexity and time involved in making EOS a valuable project today, this is unlikely.

There is also an aspect of Dapps developers. Developers Dapps want to create their projects in one main network. It’s easier for them. Thus, in the case of triggering with multiple chains, they can choose one chain and make the rest irrelevant.

In addition, they can refuse confusion and generally avoid EOS. After all, there are several blockchains to which they can create their own applications. Without the possibility of attracting Dapps developers, the value of EOS will collapse. Given that everyone who has set his time wants EOS to succeed by involving dappers, it follows that everyone has the incentive to rally to the main network, rather than to several purposes that serve them, adversely affecting the value of EOS ( EOS).
Given all these factors, we can all conveniently wait to launch MainNet. The value of EOS is likely to continue to grow as it approaches this launch. The EOS is big and will become even bigger after launch. Now this is an excellent project, which will be used right now.