eBay and Foxconn Further Adds Ethereum Its Intrinsic Value

Buterin from the top looks at Ethereum - CoinShot

We seldom hear that the Ethereum (ETH) expects the moon, in addition, there are so many blockchain projects that claim to be the killer of the Ethereum. This gives the impression that ETH is a stagnant coin with little growth prospects. But the reality is completely different. In fact, Ethereum is one of the strongest and most stable cryptocurrency that will survive in the long term, regardless of the circumstances on the market.

One of the key factors supporting Ethereum is the partnership that it created through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Thanks to this alliance, Ethereum has brought some of the largest corporations in the world into its ranks. The purpose of this alliance is to connect companies from the Fortune 500 list with Ethereum developers and other blockchain experts. Even now members of this alliance are Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan and BNY Mellon, and the list continues to grow.

The latest members of this alliance include eBay and Foxconn, two well-known global corporation giants. The entry of these two corporations into the EEA is excellent for the long-term value of Ethereum.

For example, EBay can use smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain to improve integrity for its peer-to-peer market. Foxconn also has serious plans for Ethereum. This is due to the fact that the company is engaged in a global offering of smartphones and components associated with a smartphones and other technical gadgets. Using Ethereum blockchain system, Foxconn can enhance the integrity of its global supply chain, which will further push the intrinsic value of ETH.

Ethereum also benefits from its huge and growing network of developers, which number is already over 250,000. Thanks to such a huge network of developers, Ethereum has access to the necessary talents to constantly improve its blockchain technology. This, in turn, leads to attracting more corporations to the Ethereum system, which additionally adds its intrinsic value.

We can say that Ethereum has reached “maturity”, and as more corporations join the EEA, we see Ethereum gradually moving away from Bitcoin, making ETH more independent coin that can dictate its rules to the market.