Did TRON Falsify the Contest and Gave $280,000 to Own Developer?

TRON programming contest - falsification?

TRON recently listed the winners in the programming contest, which was from April 17 to May 27. Among the winners is one of the users of GitHub “Rovak”, which, as it turned out, is in the same team of developers.

Despite the fact that the company has not violated any of its rules for the contest, some users of Reddit are unhappy and compare this contest with Waltonchain Valentine’s Day, which is accused of falsification.

If you dig deeper, you can find out that the user name of “Rovak” belongs to Roy van Kaathoven, an outsider software developer who has been working with the Tron Foundation since March of this year. His work in GitHub is full of obligations before Tronscan, the newest blockchain explorer, can be assumed with certainty, was developed by him.

TRON seems to have been rather pleased with the software, as they didn’t even wait until the end of the contest on May 27 and instead announced May 17 about Tronscan v2 on Twitter.

Van Kaathoven received the grand prize of $280,000 for his work on the project.

The rest of the developers who won prizes in the programming competition do not seem to have any connection with the Tron Foundation. There is a former engineer-manager at Brooks Instrument, an independent Android developer, and some unknown users in GitHub who are supposedly working on other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

To the disappointment of those who suspected TRON of falsifying the contest in their favor, everything happened honestly, and the announced developers won deservedly. Perhaps Rovak developer had an advantage, but it doesn’t negate the fact that he had the same conditions as other participants.

Tronscan may have been the best blockchain explorer developed for THRON during this competition. The only thing that is really unpleasant is that the contest ended 10 days earlier than it should have been.

At the same time, TRX was included in the list of the largest exchanges in Indonesia, helping the cryptocurrency to gain strong support in the country.