Crypto Expert: Bitcoin Will Сost $280,000 by 2023

Forecast for growth of Bitcoin by 2023 - CoinShot

Although the market price of bitcoin is still 70% lower than the record level, one wealthy Australian investor still believes in the growth of its value by opposing the famous investor Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway fund.

One of the leading bookmakers around the world, Tom Waterhouse, made a tweet that a well-known cryptocurrency expert who preferred to remain anonymous asked to bet that by 2023 one bitcoin would exceed the price of one share of the Berkshire Hathaway fund. This expert demonstrates a bullish mood, as the requested amount is 8.5 million Australian dollars (6.7 million US dollars), which, if paid, will bring the expert 1.2 billion Australian dollars (0.9 billion US dollars).

At the moment, there is a huge price gap between the bitcoin price and the Berkshire Hathaway stock, as the latter are traded at $288,441 each, which is 45 times the price of BTC. Waterhouse, who recently moved from CEO CrownBet to William Hill Australia, allegedly cut a potential player with a major syndicate to enter into a deal.

Gambit with a bet can also become a potentially costly provocation of the famous billionaire partners Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, who openly talked about their distrust and even disgust for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

Whatever the motives of a “cryptocurrency expert” in order to conclude an agreement, it’s not the first one who made such a bet on the future of bitcoin.

Earlier, a former entrepreneur working in the field of cybersecurity, John McAfee publicly announced that “if bitcoin doesn’t reach $500,000 by 2020, then he will eat his own penis on the air”. People were mixed with the eccentric McAfee, but later he raised the bar of his forecast, expecting that by the same time the price of bitcoin would reach one million dollars for a coin.

The surprising rate can be a symbol of Australia’s enthusiasm for all projects related to blockchain technology. Just last week, crypto exchange Huobi starts trading on its new Australian platform.