CEO of Digital Currency Group: Bitcoin is Here to Stay

Bitcoin is here to stay - CoinShot

The founder and CEO of venture capital Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, told CNBC on July 18 that he was optimistic about Bitcoin (BTC) as an investment instrument.

Silbert said, speaking on Wednesday at the Delivering Alpha Conference in New York, that he believes that “we have probably hit the bottom for the year”. He added that he had invested some money in BTC last week, and also said that Bitcoin as an asset class is “here to stay”. Silbert is 100% sure that the non-fiat and decentralized form of money is the future that is already coming.

Another conference participant Jeremy Allaire of the cryptocurrency startup Circle, supported by Baidu and Goldman Sachs, made a statement that the blockchain will become the basis of new technological innovations:

“Blockchain is a new level of infrastructure on the Internet and its future, which will replace operating systems. Now we can say that it’s like digital gold.”

Ken Griffin, founder and CEO of the hedge fund Citadel, in contrast to previous participants of the conference, is skeptical about the vision of the future of cryptocurrencies. He admitted that, unfortunately, he is still not sure about Bitcoin and believed that the younger generation should do something more productive than investing the earned money in digital currencies.

Today, Marc Lasry, one of the founders of the Avenue Capital Group, supported the positive position regarding Bitcoin which is held by Silbert and said that the BTC will soon reach $40,000. Lasri said that he is making such a high bid on Bitcoin’s growth because the coin is becoming more popular and more markets allow it to trade.