Bytecoin Will Be Used for a New TrustZone Payment Gateway

Bytecoin and Trust Zone VPN made a partnership - CoinShot

Today, the official twitter Bytecoin (BCN) community was pleased with the news about the partnership with TrustZone VPN. During the last week, BCN lost his positions according to CoinMarketCap, going down from $0.01 to $0.0073 per coin. What is not surprising on the background of the falling Bitcoin and of the entire crypto market as a whole.

The news about the partnership can affect the growth of altcoin, after today’s published tweet:

As reported on the website of TrustZone VPN, their team has begun to develop a new payment gateway with a fully anonymous, decentralized, closed and unrivaled Bytecoin cryptocurrency.

“Trust.Zone Team is now collaborating with Bytecoin team to deploy Bytecoin integration as soon as possible. We have already started beta testing for bytecoin payments.”

The article said that for users who are interested in buying a subscription to a VPN with Bytecoin, you need to contact TrustZone. It was also mentioned that customers who pay with Bytecoin will receive a 10% discount when buying.

The latest news from TrustZone shows how they appreciate the help of the Bytecoin team for cooperation and partnership. The company also believes that it’s with Bytecoin that you can regain freedom on the Internet with a completely anonymous VPN and completely anonymous payment.

In June, the BCN payment method will be available to all customers on the website.

Earlier, the Bytecoin team mentioned about future partnerships, which could have a beneficial effect on the growth of the currency for the holders and bring a huge profits.