Bytecoin Holders Will Soon Get a Huge Profit, Despite a Scam


Bytecoin (BCN), a little-known decentralized cryptocurrency, which from the beginning has imported the tops of the crypto rating. The investor is attracted by the coin’s coinage, its anonymity and limitedness (183.890.481.254 out of 184.470.000.000), which suggests growth altcoin to the moon in the near future.

After including in the Binance Exchange, the coin managed to rise more than 30% in less than an hour from $0.0068 to $0.009, and the maximum peak of the pump was reached at $0.018. Binance users experienced delays with deposits and withdrawals, during this pumping, which indicates a clogging of the Bytecoin network. In a short time the problem was eliminated, but after that similar problems followed on HitBTC and Poloniex exchanges.

Bytecoin on top mineable crypto with a handy profit

As reported in the article on the official website of MinerGate, Bytecoin led the best Four Cryptonote protocol coins to mine using MinerGate. The best CryptoNotes, as mentioned in the article, are those that give you the highest profit in shortest terms, the most stable and those that give us the confidence to continue using them.

Bytecoin in the top mineable cryptos with a Cryptonight protocol - CoinShot

AMA with the Bytecoin team about Scam

On May 16, the Bytecoin team had Ask Me Anything (AMA) in Reddit. This is the third event of this project and was aimed at responding to some protracted questions about the project’s road map, its progress and dispelling rumors about a scam, which consisted of a pump and a dump, after the coin was included on Binance.

Some traders mistakenly concluded that Bytecoin is a scam and BCN command deliberately organized a delay during the pump and dump so that they could effectively cash out the money and make a huge profit. However, the team denied these conclusions in the dialogue on Reddit.

The BCN command made it clear that they only control the BCN software that runs the coin, and didn’t know at what time Binance was going to make the announcement of the listing. Bytecoin’s team confirmed that they have no hidden bad intent, except for the intention to develop the project and support the BCN community. Then they added that only the crypto-market dictates prices for cryptocurrencies in general.

June 12 is expected Hard-fork coins, which includes simplifying the code, improving the P2P protocol and introducing dynamic fees. This news is an excellent stimulus to the growth of the coin in the next 2 weeks, which can please the BCN fans and prepare for the flight to the moon an undervalued coin.

The rest of the answers to the questions on AMA were about updating the roadmap and BCN debit cards. The Bytecoin team has committed to timely update any developments on both issues. They also mentioned the upcoming partnerships and more exchange listings of the coin already this year.