Buying BitTorrent by Justin Strengthens TRON in the Lead

TRON (TRX) leads the way after buying BitTorrent - CoinShot

Buying BitTorrent by Justin Sun for $140 million is one of the most shot news related to TRON (TRX) over the last months. According to the party involved in the transaction, Justin bought a BitTorrent pursued two goals. The first goal is to give the TRON a legitimacy, which is confirmation of the rumors about the copying of Ethereum. The second goal is the potential of the BitTorrent network, which will be used in mining coins. These two strategic goals will help the TRON not only grow in price, but also to become stronger in the top of the crypto market.

Starting with the question of legitimacy, how people perceive a coin, it plays an important role in its long-term value. While there are still investors who believe that TRX is a plagiarism version of another platform, it will be difficult to compete effectively. However, with this purchase, the TRON blockchain will now have legitimacy at the same level as the similar Ethereum. In fact, this will have an advantage over other blockchain platform, since its technical capabilities are more advanced. For example, compared to Ethereum, TRON is faster with a transaction speed of more than 1000 transactions per second. This is much higher than 10-15 Ethereum transactions per second. TRX is also a scalable blockchain, a problem Ethereum is trying to solve, and is still looking for solutions. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why the BitTorrent buying is a big deal for TRON.

The BitTorrent purchase is probably the best strategic move to solve the mining problem that Justin Sun has done for the TRON Foundation lately. Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular, the mining will be a big business. Therefore, by placing itself in the middle of this boundary through BitTorrent, the intrinsic value of TRX will increase substantially.

Perhaps, at the moment, TRON (TRX) is one of the most undervalued crypto on the market today, when its value is less than $0.05. Buying TRX at these price levels can potentially bring a big profit when it grows in the future.