Bitcoin Cash Fund and Yeewallet Partnership: Free 20 BCH Airdrop for Yee Holders

Airdrop 20 Bitcoin Cash - CoinShot

Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) and the Yeewallet team announced a partnership on May 8, which aims to further increase the level of adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The plan to increase the acceptance of the BCH will be realized by distributing 20 BCH to Yewallet users who meet the requirements of the Airdrop.

Yeewallet is a recently released multi-cryptocurrency wallet, which also supports voice calls over the Internet using the popular YeeCall platform. BCF is a non-profit organization that has been committed to spreading Bitcoin Cash worldwide, and the organizers of the new pool believe that 33 million Yee users, some of whom have BCH, will contribute to the use of this crypto currency. Yee also just added BCH support for the Yeewallet interface, and the firm explained that the airdrop, which starts this week, will help create a network effect.

Representatives of the Yee company report:

“Yee believes that supporting BCH in Yeewallet willn’t only enrich the scenarios of using the Yeecall application and satisfy the needs of Yeecall users, but will also expand the influence of BCH and will contribute to the development of the Bitcoin Cash community.”

To participate in BCH Airdrop, Yewallet users were required to have at least 10,000 YEE tokens or more until the moment of snapshot 2018/05/09 23:59:59 (GMT+8). Among those users who meet the above requirements, 20 BCH were divided.

The member of the Bitcoin Cash Fund, Paul Weissensteiner, reports that “Bitcoin Cash airdrop will be divided proportionally based on the number of YEE tokens that users have in their wallet, taking into account the minimum number of 10’000 YEE”.

Weissensteiner added:

“Airdrop is a great opportunity to widely distribute Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash technology should be used wherever we talk. The Internet has allowed almost anyone in the world to communicate with anyone, and Bitcoin Cash will do the same with money. The integration of Bitcoin Cash into a popular messaging apps such as YeeCall , and the distribution of BCH will make it clear to people how easy it is to use cryptocurrency, and now 33 million people will have access to full financial freedom. The use of Bitcoin Cash should be as simple as sending a tweet, and we believe that this partnership is a huge g to to make this a reality and brings us closer to our goal – to reach a billion users in the next five years.”

Paul Weissensteiner also stressed that such initiatives will help achieve the goal of financial freedom for every person in the world.

“BCH is going to open a global economy and provide financial freedom to every person on the planet, but before we can achieve this, we need to make it accessible and easy to use, as far as possible”, concluded Weissensteiner.