Bitcoin Addresses Targeted by Malware Windows Clipboard

2.3M Bitcoin addresses targeted by malware Windows clipboard - CoinShot

June 30, according to a source, there was a new attack to Bitcoin users, gaining control over the Windows clipboard for the exchange of addresses, which already controls 2.3 million targets.

It’s a malware program that secretly takes control of the memory while working in the background, so users do not notice its presence. The program replaces the Bitcoin address that the user copied to the clipboard at the attacker’s address, which later does not check inserts and sends his coins.

Bleeping Computer notes, “If the user does not double-check the inserted address, he will not know that this exchange has occurred. Attackers recognize that users copy and paste addresses and create malicious software to take advantage of this.”

When using hardware for transactions, Bitcoin users face many vulnerabilities. It does not matter if this equipment is an Android smartphone, Windows PC or other device.

The list of threats continues to grow, including emails, while other malicious objects change their destination addresses in different ways.

The main protection against such attacks is the installation of up-to-date antivirus software, as well as double-check Bitcoin addresses for the transaction.

Some hardware wallets, such as TREZOR, also force users to double-check the addresses for manipulation when they are generated.